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We're a fully remote digital strategy, SEO, content, lead generation and social media agency. Please take a look at our culture statement below, and if it resonates with you, please send us an email at to share why you we should be having a conversation with you.


Content Marketer

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Company Overview

ChangeMastr is a small digital agency registered in Estonia, owned by a South African living in Cambodia. The agency started in early 2020, before we knew what the impact of the pandemic was going to be. We offer remote digital marketing jobs to individuals on a freelance and contract basis.

A meandering growth path has led us to the point where we are ready to really start scaling. The work we do is focused on the following areas of digital marketing:

>>Digital strategy development >> we firmly believe that you cannot create meaningful change for a client if you do not understand their clients’ desires, the organization’s desires, how those two desires match, and what compelling offers could be derived from these dynamics.

>> SEO-optimized content & backlink building >> SEO as a channel is different from any other, in that it meets the prospective client in the right frame of mind, on the client’s terms, when they are ready to receive the message. It pulls them in. We develop content hubs for clients and then activate backlink campaigns to these hubs.

>> Social Media Management >> We use the SEO-optimized content above to create social media campaigns to raise awareness and improve website traffic.

>>LinkedIn Lead Generation >> For certain clients we would develop and run leadgen on LinkedIn.


At ChangeMastr we believe that attitude is way more important than skill. Someone with a great attitude can always learn new skills. Someone with fantastic skills, but a bad attitude, often compensates for the bad attitude through their technical brilliance, but this is not sustainable. Bad attitudes poison the culture of the organization.

Life is too short for that kind of nonsense.


Below are some of the software platforms we use to do our work.

Chrome browser | Google Workspace | Trello | Loom | WordPress w/Elementor & Rank Math | Canva | Semrush

Remote Digital Marketing Job Opportunity

This is a freelance opportunity for a Content Marketer with Semrush experience. Fully remote. Potentially long term, for the right person.

The purpose of the role is to research, develop, edit and publish web and social media content.
You will take some time to understand the niche, do keyword research, align the research with the search intent, develop the content (or oversee development), edit, approve and schedule it for publication.

You will work with very little oversight. You will be trusted to do what needs to be done to create great outcomes for our clients. Your success in this role will be reflected in the success (ranking on Google, post engagement, leads generated) our clients have from the work you do.

We will agree on the output metrics (number and types of content pieces, scheduling, design framework) and then it will be up to you to make the magic happen.

We have clients in various niches: Finance, insurance, software implementation, economic development, fintech, health.


PRIMARY SKILLS (Core job skills)

  • Keyword research (SEMRush)
  • Competitive research (SEMRush)
  • Topic research (SEMRush)
  • Understanding search intent
  • Developing content ideas
  • Developing a keyword strategy
  • Crafting compelling headlines
  • Crafting meta descriptions
  • Writing articles and blog posts



  • Elementor page builder (WordPress)
  • On-page SEO optimization (Rank Math)



  • Design of social media posts (Canva)
  • Copywriting for social media
  • Publishing on social media


We will agree on rates per piece of work, which provides you with upside potential as you scale. We will pay you weekly or monthly (as you prefer) through Deel.


To apply for this role, we are going to ask you to do a bit of research and answer some questions, so that we can get a sense of your level of expertise, and how you approach things.

Please click here to apply for this role.

Thank you for your interest!

Kind regards
Hermann Woithe


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