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LinkedIn Lead Generation

$ 400.00 / month

This service will be provided subject to,
and in accordance with,
your goals and objectives


A done-for-you LinkedIn lead generation service for hungry hunters.



LeadMASTR is an automated outreach service that connects you with relevant prospects on LinkedIn. Using your LinkedIn profile, we set up campaigns that automatically generate leads for you.



Step 1: We have an exploratory call to understand whether this service is a good fit for your business (we will tell you if we don’t think it will work).

Step 2: If we agree to proceed, you will provide the onboarding information we need to build your campaigns.

Step 3: We develop target audience lists from your your target markets.

Step 4: We develop your campaign messaging and provide you with a narrated Loom video, explaining the intent, scope and targets of your proposed campaign(s).

Step 5: You give us the go-ahead to launch (with proposed changes, if any).

Step 6: We launch the campaign(s), and you can start watching your inbox for new leads.

Step 7: When sufficient interest is shown by a prospect, you qualify them as a lead and book an appointment with them to close the deal.



A “lead” is a prospect  that shows interest in your service or product by asking for more information or showing interest in setting up a call/meeting.

On LeadMASTR, our minimum commitment is 6 leads per month.


If we are not able to provide you with 6 leads during the first month of your service with us, you have the option of claiming a full refund.

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