Landing Page Build & Validation (WordPress only)

Design, develop & validate a landing page for your service

$ 3,000.00

This service will be provided subject to,
and in accordance with,
your goals and objectives



This Landing Page Build & Validation service lays the foundation for all of your future online marketing efforts.

It’s messaging will be developed to resonate with your primary audience at a deep level. Once set up, you will be able to use it as a call-to-action destination for SEO content, all your email marketing campaigns, your webinars, podcasts, social media campaigns and of course, pay-per-click advertising.

The landing page will do the selling for you while you sleep, and bring new prospects into your pipeline that you can then engage with to close the deal for your main service.



The core of any effort of convincing people to buy from strangers on the Internet is the messaging.

Well-written copy is like a two-way conversation between you and the reader, even though there is just one person “speaking”. (I know you just mentally nodded or shook your head, which proves the point 🙂 )

The content of your landing page will be developed using well-established copywriting principles, and zoom in on one audience and their perspectives on the subject matter.



The page will be designed with your company branding look-and-feel in mind and hosted on your current WordPress website.


We will set up ad campaigns on Google Ads  optimized for your target audience, and the desired keywords.

People that click will be directed to the landing page.

These ads will be constantly monitored and optimized, and conversion rates measured and reported.



Using specialized WordPress plugins, we will continuously run A/B tests (at least 2 per month), and track user behaviour in terms of where they click and how they navigate through the page. These insights will help us to improve the structure of the page over time.



You will receive three reports with insights about your landing page performance, each at the end of a month’s PPC activity.



Leads generated through the landing page will be captured in a Notion Database or a Google Form, depending on your preference. Once a lead is captured, it will be up to you to engage with them further around your offer.



After three months of testing, the landing page should be validated and providing a constant stream of new leads. Should this not be the case, we undertake to work for free for an additional three months to validate the landing page.


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