Ecom Shop Build

E-Commerce Store Development, Conversion Rate Optimization & Social Media Promotion

$ 687.00 / month and a $ 4,997.00 sign-up fee

This service will be provided subject to,
and in accordance with,
your goals and objectives


E-Commerce Store Development, Conversion Rate Optimization & Social Media Promotion


  • Develop e-commerce shop with WordPress & WooCommerce (Hosting on Siteground in Europe)
  • Integration with Stripe and other payment portals
  • Mirror your store on your Facebook page, so people can buy from there as well
  • We build all product templates, and load the first 50 products
  • We train you to load products, add specials, show out-of-stock etc
  • Affiliate program for your store (of you want it)
  • Free hosting, for as long as you are subscribed to the service
  • Annual subscription of WooCommerce plugins not included in our once-off fee (Budget $300 – $600 p.a.)

Once the store is live, we launch social media campaigns on your Facebook and Instagram channels to promote the store

  • Four new social media campaigns per month on Facebook and Instagram.
  • One monthly Facebook Boost campaign
  • Should you require additional social media exposure (vertical videos on Tiktok, FB Stories and Instagram Reels) please see our SocialVIDEO service.

We will do ongoing optimization of your store, to help improve conversion. We do three things to improve conversion rates:

  1. A/B testing – Every month (depending of the traffic volume), we will carry out 2 A/B tests on selected elements of the store. As soon as we have a clear winner, it will become the page default, and another section is tested.
  2. Heat mapping – Every visitor to the page is tracked and recorded. We can see where they move around, where they click. Individual sessions can be studied. Collated, these sessions form “heat maps” that show us which sections of the page are popular with visitors and which are ignored.
  3. Optimization – With this data in hand, we optimize the store on an ongoing basis.

We are in this with you for the long haul. Our mission with this service is to see you grow and make money.

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