Convert leads into revenue with a landing page optimized for your service.



You only convert leads into revenue when your prospect feels understood.

Make it easy for your prospects to say YES by speaking their language and pro-actively addressing all of their concerns when they come across your page.


The Landing Page Build service builds an attractive offer around a specific product or service and displays this offer on an exclusive page with no other distractions, with the sole objective of leading your prospect to take one specific action.



We often assume that prospects have the same understanding of our products and services as we do, so we present them with the WHAT and the HOW of our products and services, without even considering the WHY.

Connect with your Audience's "Purpose"

Respect Their Perspective

Talk about the motivation to consider your offer, not it's features and benefits.


Show Understanding

Demonstrate that you know how difficult things are without your offer.


Build Confidence

Build courage to take the next step by removing any perceived risk.


Make It Easy To Say YES

Offer only the next step in the buying journey, nothing more.

Detailed Service Description

Competitive Research & Intent Interpretation
  1. You provide us with your competitive offer(s) that you want to take to market, your current go-to-market strategy, as well as a list of all your current digital assets
  2. You provide us with a list of your competitors
  3. We do an analysis of their digital profile
  4. We map their positions relative to yours
  5. We take note of the type of content they have, and what they are ranking for
  6. We get a sense of the target audiences that consume their content
  7. We nail down they keyword opportunities that exist for you
  8. We note down the Search Intent for every keyword
  9. We identify potential new market segments, based on search intent
  10. We develop three aspects of jobs-to-be-done for every keyword: Functional, Social and Emotional
  11. Once the analysis is done, we develop the digital positioning of your offer.
Conversion Journey Mapping

Once we understand who the target audience is, what they desire, we map out the buying journey, so that we know what the Call-to-Action (CTA) should be for the landing page.

The CTA could be requesting a brochure, setting up an appointment or buying a product.

As you can see from this page you are on, our CTA is BOOK YOUR FREE DISCOVERY CALL, because most people would first want to speak to someone before they commit a big amount of money. People won’t just click and buy an service, without having confidence in the people behind the brand/website.

Copywriting & Page Design

When we understand the Customer Journey, we develop the landing page with clear sections that address the identified desires, pain points, objections and vision.

We can either build the landing page as a page on your website, or as a sub-domain on your website, or we can build a completely new page on its own domain, which we can host for as well, if required.

Our hosting is free, for as long as you are subscribed to the PageMASTR service.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Once a page is live and it starts getting traffic, we gather data in various ways to improve the page conversion rate.

Page conversion is simply the percentage of people that execute the Call-To-Action (CTA).

The higher we can get this percentage, the more deals convert into revenue.

We do three things to improve conversion rates:

  1. A/B testing – Every month (depending of the traffic volume), we will carry out 2 A/B tests on selected elements of the page. As soon as we have a clear winner, it will become the page default, and another section will be tested. 
  2. Heat mapping – Every visitor to the page is tracked and recorded. We can see where they move around, where they click. Individual sessions can be studied, or collated, these sessions form “heat maps” that show us which sections of the page are popular with visitors and which are ignored.
  3. Optimization – With this data in hand, we will optimize the landing page on an ongoing basis.
Reporting Dashboard

Once your page is live, you will have access to a reporting dashboard which will show you various relevant metrics, so that you can see whether the service is providing you with the results you set out to get.

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