Digital Marketing Services

We focus on providing 7 specific digital marketing services to professional services organizations.

Currently, we have clients in the finance, insurance, fintech, economic development, business networking, health coaching & software consulting sectors.

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Quick Summary

We provide digital strategy, hosting, website design & development, content marketing, SEO, social media and lead generation services to professional services organizations across the world.

We have clients in Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa.

Table of Contents

Digital Strategy Consulting

The digital strategy consulting work we do is aimed at aligning the organization’s objectives with their target audience’s desires.

The term “digital strategy” is often misunderstood, and used as a synonym for marketing strategy, social media strategy.

As you will see in our in-depth article about the role of digital strategy agencies, the purpose of digital strategy consulting goes to the core of an organization’s business strategy.

We like to start from understanding the big picture, and then we develop the strategy from there. 

Our digital strategy consulting work is divided into three phases:

  • PHASE 1: Discovery >> We analyze the organization, its services and the competitive environment, and develop personas based on the jobs-to-be-done theory.
  • PHASE 2: Positioning >> During this phase we develop the strategic narrative, the end user’s hero’s journey (if applicable), we do product positioning, and then develop a compelling offer that can be taken to market.
  • PHASE 3: Enablement >> This is where the “digital marketing strategy” development takes place. Based on the work done during the positioning phase.

Content Marketing

The main purpose of doing content marketing is to develop your brand as a trustworthy authority in your niche.

Content marketing starts with keyword research.

People are searching online for information related to your services every day.

How many people are doing this? Where do they live?

Is it possible to align your content with these search queries so that your site shows up in Google Search results?

Our job is to craft a content strategy for you that is relevant to the audience that you want to engage with.

Once these dynamics are understood, we develop content clusters around the main themes identified.

As you build out your content, your topical authority and your traffic numbers improve.

More traffic >> more conversions.


Which keywords could you potentially rank for in Google Search?

We are offering you 30 minutes of keyword research, for free.

We will take a look at your niche, identify keywords you could be ranking for, and then send you a free report with our findings.

Sounds interesting?

VALUED at $200

The numbers don't lie


of marketers actively use content marketing


of clicks go to first 5 results displayed


is the 2021 YoY growth of organic traffic marketing

SEO Backlink Building

Once we understand the content clusters of a website, we can devise backlink building campaigns for every cluster. 

We call this combination of a content cluster with a dedicated backlink building campaign an “Organic Content Engine”.

The focus keywords of the anchor page are targeted with the backlink campaign. 


LinkedIn Lead Generation

We’ve had great success in developing and executing lead generation campaigns in certain niches. It does not work for all niches, but works extremely well in some.

It entails developing a target audience from LinkedIn Sales Navigator (you need an account in your name for this) and then we build a cold outreach campaign for you to start a conversation with your ideal prospects.

Social Media Management

Based on your content strategy, we can develop and execute a social media strategy for you.

This entails the design, copywriting and scheduling of social media posts across your preferred channels.

Our service package is for up to 40 posts (combined) per month across your channels. 

Website Design & Development

We use WordPress with Elementor to develop our clients’ websites.

The primary theme we use is Hello with Elementor Pro Page Builder and RankMath Pro SEO plugins.

Our sites are designed from a mobile first and search engine performance perspective.

We aim for +90% site build quality (SEMrush metric).

This ensures that there is never any technical issue (load speed, build quality) that prevents a site from ranking in Google. 

From a design perspective, we like to keep things simple and clean. The primary focus of the kind of site we build is to convey useful information. 

Some of our client sites


Let us check it for you. No obligation. Simply provide us with the domain to be analyzed, and where you would like to receive the report.

Website Hosting


For the last three years, we’ve been hosting all of our websites with Sitegound in Europe. 

They have various data centres around the globe, ensuring data redundancy. 

Most importantly, their customer support is top notch.

Built in with every new site you get:

  • Free setup of WordPress
  • Free WordPress updates
  • Daily backups of your site
  • Free migration of your site from another host
  • Free SSL & https enforce
  • A robust and effective CDN
  • Great site optimization tools, baked into the hosting environment
  • Free email hosting, if you need it

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