Integrated SEO Services for B2B Firms


Marketing Funnel

Intent shapes behaviour.

We reverse-engineer your ideal audience's intent to establish you as a niche authority on Google.

Using an integrated approach to Search Engine Marketing, we develop and distribute relevant content across various channels to build your digital footprint, while optimizing everything for search engines.

Scope of Service

NicheMASTR is an integrated Search Engine Marketing service, aimed at providing relevant prospects with meaningful content to engage with.

Getting this right requires a complex mix of research, design, technical SEO, content development, backlink building, advertising and social media marketing.

This is NicheMASTR.


Review and analyze your competitive space.


Understand what prospects are interested in.


Discover digital market segmentation
(not the same as regular market segmentation)



Discover keywords that your target
audience use to search for your niche.


Build keyword list that form basis
for content and ad strategy. Identify and
list search intent per keyword.


Identify and list jobs-to-be-done
(Social, emotional and functional).



Based on the identified keywords,
develop 4 SEO-optimized articles
per month and publish on your website.


Technical SEO optimization of entire site
will be done over the first 6 months of the engagement.



Develop 3 social media
campaigns per article.


Develop 3 unique designs, hooks & blurbs.


Run every campaign for 4 months on company's Facebook and LinkedIn pages (Three new campaigns every week)


Launch one Boost campaign per month on Facebook.



Develop a Google Ads campaign
based on keywords identified.


Run, refine and optimize campaign on an ongoing basis.


NOTE: Ad spend is not included in the NicheMASTR fee.



Develop and implement white-hat
backlink building campaigns on up to
5 selected pages on the site.

High DA etc etc 



Who it's for


Business Owners

Your business is doing well, but does not justify the development of a full-time, integrated marketing department that has all the skills required to execute at scale.


Marketing Executives

You have a marketing team that takes care of the majority of your requirements, but you do not have the skills internally to really leverage Search Engine Marketing as you know it should be leveraged.


NicheMASTR provides you with a cost-effective mechanism to scale your presence on search engines,
so that the right kind of prospects can find you organically.

Over time, as your audience grows and your rankings improve,
this will become your most cost-effective lead generation channel.

NicheMASTR ROI Calculator

NicheMASTR ROI Calculator

The number of prospects that see your content on Google and social media every month.
The number (%) of prospects who see your content, and then show interest in your product or service.
The number (%) of leads that turn into paying customers.
Total average sales from one customer for as long as they buy from you.

The customer acquisition cost as a percentage of the lifetime value of the customer.

The cost of acquiring a paying customer based on the lead conversion and deal closure rates.
The number of leads you will get every month.

The monthly subscription divided by the number of leads received.

The most valuable kind of lead is someone who finds you organically on Google or social media, on their terms.

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See how your website is performing,
what keywords you’re ranking for and
who you’re competing with online.

Detailed Service Description


Competitive Research
  1. You provide us with your competitive offer(s) that you want to take to market, your current go-to-market strategy, as well as a list of all your current digital assets
  2. You provide us with a list of your competitors
  3. We do an analysis of their digital profile
  4. We map their positions relative to yours
  5. We take note of the type of content they have, and what they are ranking for
  6. We get a sense of the target audiences that consume their content
  7. We take a look at their social media profiles and note their positioning
  8. Once the analysis is done, we develop a new digital positioning for your business.
Keyword Research
  1. You provide us with your product and service brochures, sales collateral, and the market segments you are targeting
  2. We do an analysis in various dimensions to nail down they keyword opportunities that exist for you
  3. We note down the Search Intent for every keyword
  4. We identify potential new market segments, based on search intent
  5. We develop three aspects of jobs-to-be-done for every keyword: Functional, Social and Emotional
  6. We develop the content publication strategy, which forms the basis of NicheMASTR 
SEO Content
  1. Every week we will publish a new article to your website blog, except for the first two weeks after you signed up (This time is used for research and campaign setup)
  2. Articles will be professionally written for a specific audience, based on the identified Search Intent
  3. Article length will be between 800 and 1,500 words, depending on what is appropriate for the niche
  4. We will do a Jobs-to-be-done analysis of every search intent, and ensure that it is incorporated in the article
  5. We list the target keyword in our tracking tool, so that you can see at any time how it is performing on Google Search
  6. Articles are fully SEO optimized and indexed on Google Search Console
Social Media
  1. Three social media campaigns will be developed from every article published
  2. Each individual campaign will target a specific hook/angle which is addressed by the article
  3. Graphic design (with “hook” on image) will be done per campaign
  4. Unique social media blurb will be developed per campaign
  5. A single campaign will be scheduled to appear on your Facebook and LinkedIn pages every 10 days, for a period of 4 months
  6. The three campaigns for a single article will be spaced out three days apart
  7. So, a single article will be published 33 times on Facebook, and 33 times on LinkedIn over it’s “social media lifetime”
  8. Given that a new article comes out every week, your social media feeds will become very busy with varied and interesting content aimed at your target audiences 
  1. Using the same keywords as is being used in the SEO campaign, we will develop a Google Ads campaign
  2. Click fraud protection software will be deployed on your campaign to guard against nefarious competitive (and clickbot) activities
  3. The campaign will be continually optimized, with a monthly report on your dashboard
  4. The budget for ad spend will be agreed with you, once we have a sense of the cost profiles (popularity) of the targeted keywords
  5. NOTE: Ad spend does not form part of our fees. You will fund the account directly.
  6. If you want us to handle it, the ad spend will be subject to 5% handling fee to cover our bank costs
  1. Based on the keywords and the competitive positioning, we will agree with you the most important pages that need to be targeted with backlink campaigns
  2. Backlink building campaigns are “white-hat” and will only target high relevancy, high authority domains and sites to place backlinks
  3. Outreach will be ongoing for as long as you have services with us
  4. Backlinks will not expire, even after you no longer use our services
  5. We will build in the region of 30 backlinks per month to the target URLs