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Terms of the B2B Referral Program

Please read all of these terms and conditions.
This is what you are agreeing to if you join this program.
These terms are subject to change without any notice to you.

How do you keep track of what I'm owed?

Once you sign up you will see an AFFILIATE tab in your ACCOUNT on the site. All transactions, payouts, commissioned owed to you to you are automatically captured here.

General Terms and Conditions

15% Commission is payable on the first order of all products.

When someone visits the site with your referral link, and make a purchase within 90 days, the sale will be attributable to you. (90 day cookie)

If they visit the site without your referral link after 90 days, and make a purchase, you will not receive commission on that sale.

Payment terms and conditions

Commission is paid in the third week of every month, one month in arrears, after a client’s second recurring payment has gone through.

We prefer to pay you from our Wise account in Europe directly into your bank account. You will need to provide us with your bank details so that we can do the bank transfer to you.