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We're a B2B Digital Marketing Agency that provides services to clients across the globe.

Even though our services are highly personalized for every client, we are a 100% remote company. All services are delivered digitally.


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Hermann Woithe


After 20 years as a telecoms executive, frustrated with the red tape that stifles innovation, Hermann founded ChangeMASTR in early 2020 to provide B2B firms with innovative and integrated digital marketing services.

What is the company's driving philosophy?

There is only one thing that matters, and that is the client's experience. 


Everyone in the company works in CX, it is the main reason we exist.


Furthermore, we aim to make the B2B buying and fulfillment experience as easy and straightforward as B2C. There is no reason to tolerate the complexity that exists in most B2B procurement processes.

I need support for a service bought from you

Please email us on service@changemastr.com

Do you have an affiliate program?

We have a great affiliate program that pays some of the highest commissions in the industry. Please take a look and sign up!

Do you have any open positions?

We are always looking for intelligent, passionate people who know how important it is to pay attention to detail, and to always be focused on how a client may be experiencing the thing that you're busy doing for them. 


Please take a look on our jobs page if we are currently advertising for any roles.

Do you offer any guarantees on your work?

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee, subject to certain terms and conditions. 

Where is your team located?

We have teams in South Africa and the Philippines. 

What are the company's official registration details?



REGISTERED ADDRESS: Sepapaja 6, Tallin, ESTONIA, 15551

EU VAT NR: EE102530944

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